Ethiopians will plant 5 billion trees this year

This will be the second round, previously Ethiopia planted 350 million trees in less than 24 hours. In a record-breaking day, at the Gulele Botanical Garden in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia launched before a historic tree planting campaign. Over 350 million trees were planted in an ambitious move to counter the effects of deforestation and climate change. It’s all part of the country’s super ambitious Green legacy project to combat climate change and deforestation which will see them plant a whopping 20 billion trees over the 4 years

Ethiopia’s Minister of Innovation and Technology Getahun Mekuria was quoted saying that more than 350 million trees were planted in 12 hours, breaking the world record held by India since 2016, for the most trees planted in one day and which stood at 50 million trees.

Now, Ethiopia has set out to plant 5 billion tree seedlings this year. The planting is part of the country’s larger reforestation initiative spearheaded by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

The nation has lost nearly 97% of its native forests due to a growing population and an increased need for land for food production. 84% of seedlings planted  last year have survived. To combat environmental degradation, Ethiopia committed to restoring 15 million hectares of deforested land by 2025


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