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How to earn money during a lockdown

This time isn’t only a health crisis. All the countries are facing economic and health crises. Many people lose their job, Many companies close their business and in high majorettes, Many of us are at home without a job while a few of them are working from home. 

If you’re one of these people, Looking for a solution about how to earn money. Here you can find few tips to make some additional money during the coronavirus lockdown – including everything from one-off tasks to ideas that may end up as an additional income stream even after the lockdown has been lifted.

1.Try online tutoring 

There are many ways one person can teach the other. Finishing your education, having some certificate, diploma, or degree might be enough depending on the company that will hire you. Only have some skill, If you are experienced this can increase your selection or also a recommendation from others to you. Now that the schools are closed, the parents can be busy taking good care of their children in this hard situation. you can help by supporting them virtually. If you are with good communication skills, technical and nontechnical skills, This can fit you well. You can apply for a variety of online tutoring websites and other skill tutoring websites.

2. Create your blog 

It’s a nice time to attract or gain an audience for your blog. 

 Creating a blog that makes money definitely isn’t a short-term fix, but it could provide income over the long-term if you’re dedicated and willing to learn how digital marketing works. Most successful blogs either get the majority of their traffic through organic search (via a process called SEO) or via social media by building a quality following.

3. Rent your car 

There are people seeking safety transportation to work in shifts depending on now the restriction is a little bit less. You could make money by offering up your car for those who live around you. There are a number of apps and websites also that you can find in order to rent your car. Such as Cargo, Enterprise, Expedia, KAYAK, Priceline, Orbitz, Get Around and etc…

4. Get paid writing online 

Usually getting hired to be a writer doesn’t make you earn that much money. But there are few websites by writing high-quality relevant content some of the sites are :

  • All Pet Voices: a pet website that pays $75 per accepted article.
  • iWorkWell: a website for HR professionals and SMEs that pays $200 per accepted article. 
  • Loaded Landscapes: a photography website that pays $20-150 per accepted article. 
  • Listverse: a listicle website that will pay $100 per accepted article.
  • Longreads: a long-form content site that pays competitive rates. The website doesn’t specify the amount paid but other websites and blogs have stated rates of $500-$1,500.
  • Back2college: a site aimed at older students will pay $55+ per accepted article. 
  • Income Diary: a website focussed on making money online that pays $200-$500 per accepted article. 
  • A Fine Parent: a parenting website that pays $75 per accepted article.

5. Become a freelancer.

Now all workers during this pandemic situation are changing their work to a freelance job for the reason of companies crises and being fired by companies. There are many websites to be freelance but I recommend Remote women’s websites for those who are really actively looking for a freelance job. 

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