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How to survive your relationship during this lockdown time?

Coronavirus pandemic has been a new and unprecedented experience for us’s causing serious damage to our partnerships. Here are some tips to ease the strain.

We all are counting days, weeks, and months, Maybe depending on which country we are we might not pass more than a month staying at home. Since this Coronavirus came, it’s affecting, and having a huge impact on our lives.

This relationship might be with the person who we are living with such as a family, friend, roommate, couples, and many many. It makes sense to have a difficult time in your relationship since we all are at home together all the time. We’re obligating to spend more time together than ever before. We’re relying on a partner for almost all of our social support because we can’t see our friends or relatives. We’re balancing new responsibilities like working from home, child care, or housekeeping. It’s undoubtedly a lot of change all at once. At the same time, some people feel guilty acknowledging their relationship problems because it seems as if there are much bigger issues to worry about.

It also makes us see our lives so deeply, at the same time this situation can leave doubt if we really could handle each other at any moment.Try these tips to support your relationships during these situations.

First Handle each other 

No matter what if we are living with other people or people we need to know how to accept the way they are. Normally, one person is different from others. In this lockdown, we might figure out unusual behavior from others. Those can be caused by a different problem of emotional distress

  • lack of motivation
  • Fatigue or emotional exhaustion
  • being upset and other physical concerns
  • Random activities, Being bored, etc…

How we can handle it :

  • It’s nice to try to figure out our own  problem and try to solve it.
  •  Meditate for you and your partner 
  • Always try to be creative 
  • Check your days
  • Stay patient 
  • Try to understand others 
  • Try to discuss more 
  • seek other sources of ideas and plan with your partner 

Find Some productive tips that you can do during staying at home

It’s obvious that since we are stuck in the home we all look for something to make our day different. It’s easy there is a bunch of information on the internet can give us an idea. If we all are tired of this easily we can try these tips.

  •  Think something that you never did and  try at your home with your partner  
  • Make a plan 
  • Look for group games to play online or at your home.
  • Try new recipes food 
  • Imagine your home can be your cafe, restaurant, and gaming place. It’s a pity, right? Try it, It’s easy.  

Appreciate and be grateful

No one is perfect in this world. Especially at this time, we might even lose our perfection, gratitude, and attitude. We all are facing problems one way or another, But how many of us realize what we have and what the other don’t have? the same reversed for us. So it’s nice to thank and appreciate it. If you usually take each other for granted, that’s only going to cause arguments now.

Make an extra effort to try to do nice gestures for each other. A little gratefulness and gratitude can go a long way. Use this time to deepen your relationship by reminding them of what they fell in love with you for in the first place and time.