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New technologies invented in 2020

1. Hlement fan 

 It came before a long time but now it has become viral recently.Summer, especially starting from June, July, and August, is getting hot and hot in Spain or other countries., the range of humidity explain why the constant public warnings for heatstroke protection. But what happens if you need to work outside, under those conditions, and especially wearing a safety helmet? The answer is this Cooling Helmet Fan, a little gadget that might literally save your life!

The cooling fan straps around your helmet and right at the base of your skull, a silicone funnel is connected to a powerful three-speed fan. You just push a button and the air stream goes from the fan through the funnel, both under your helmet and in the neck and back of the head area. This will dry off sweat and keep you, literally, cool-headed. And as for endurance, its lithium-ion battery can work for a full eight hours even at top speed. This means that you can spend a whole workday without worrying about the heat!

 2. Meeting Owl 

Meeting Owl is designed to help the team to do more productive video conference. Even you are not in the meeting you can see everything 360 degrees with a smart conferencing camera, the highest resolution with 1080p, and premium sound.2X sharper loud sound 360˚ and tri-speaker Smart mics with 18-foot radius audio pickup. Also, depending on your choice it works 12 and 18-foot radio audio pick up.

3.  Ridy

First Distracted and Drowsy Driving Alert: This invented a long time but it comes again with more pro. It notices every activity of your face and action. By detecting it keep you safe without distraction. it ‘s nice tech For your kids – young drivers. For late-night & long-distance drivers. Keep your loved ones safe.

4.  AirBar

 This is a technology many people dreaming of. It just easily changes your laptop to touch screens. It’s compatible with any screen size. it can be installed in a minutes.

5. Handjet

 It came before a long time but now it has become viral recently. This device allows you to print inkjet text in any product. The only thing you have to do is input the text or image in the device and swipe the device where you want to print the text. It was invented for industrial use.

6. Breaze

 The most intelligent anti-pollution mask. When breathing can be a luxury. Breaze Mask can even capture very small particles that jeopardize our daily life from the bacteria we get. It’s so Comfortable to breathe, Doesn’t generate moisture, With Micro USB recharging Innovative design, smart fan and efficient filters pm2.5, Adjustable to your liking and Experienced a maximum comfort.

7. Manta5

 Consider itself as a bike to use over water. It Suitable for a wide range of fitness levels, riders can explore ocean coastlines, train along waterways, or cruise the lakeside with friends and family.

9. Amazfitx

This smartwatch lets you control many things with great functionalities. This watch raised 1 million dollars in a short time in the market. It’s water-resistant and has a 7 day of long battery. it made for any difficulties day to day tasks.  

10. One80 Light

This is a new light head lump. It’s Waterproof, Rechargeable LED Wide Angle, 180° Headlight – Ultra Light and Low Profile. It has 3 Power Settings. One80 light is nice equipment for Camping, Hiking, Running, Outdoors, Fishing.

11. Mobile pixels Deux pro 

The DUEX Pro is a completely portable dual-screen laptop accessory that helps boost your productivity by up to 50% and allows for efficient multitasking. The screen will connect with USB cables with your devices. It’s simple to use and provides flexible rotation and dual-sided sliding with 270-degree rotation, as well as the option for a 180-degree presentation mode.

12. Atmolue

 ATMOBLUE is the world’s first wearable, smart air purifier. Our patented air filtration system uses industrial grade, replaceable filters, blocking 99.97% of air particles. ATMOBLUE’s unparalleled breathing experience utilizes many of the cutting edge technologies found in high-end purifiers today but offers the added benefit of mobility, style and comfort. With excess air being produced on-demand, ATMOBLUE users always have access to fresh, filtered air.

13. Bluequenchcooler

The world’s fastest way to chill beverages on the go. The Blue Quench cools multiple beverages up to 6 cans of soda or beer, 2 bottles of wine, 4 larger aluminum cans, or a combination of those from room temperature to ice-cold in as little as 60 seconds using patented RotoQuench Technology.