Still, there is no evidence 5G can be harmful to health but is it safe?

Nowadays since the corona virus is spreading, some people are relating it to the 5G network. Even though we don’t have evidence from many social media and magazines , news sites talk about the advantage and harmfulness of 5G. Of course COVID-19 AND RF EMF exposure from 5G telecommunication devices does not cause covid-19. But is 5G harmful for your health ? There is evidence to confirm that it might lead to DNA and destroy cells, also for cancer problems., we will see what the science says;  How it works ? Is it safe? and Can it cause health problems ? 

So 5G technology is the fifth technology  getting a lot of attention and everyone talks about it. The wavelength used to 5G technology can be divided into three section which is low band ( lowest speed) mid band (faster shorter distance) and MM (no meter wave which is high band the fastest speed and frequency but travel the short distance).The download speed of 5G is 2GB/s. This is insane and the fastest speed to download anything you want in a second.  

How does the 5G work? There is something we have to understand about the electromagnetic spectrum. This is a spectrum of radiation, which is a transition of energy through waves or particles. radiofrequency range of the electromagnetic spectrum, from several hundred MHz to several GHz, to enable wireless phone calls and data transfer, including communication through the internet.   As the wavelength becomes shorter and shorter they have high frequency and more energys. For example Gamma rays  10-12 , this generated by radioactive atoms and nuclear explosions. These Gamma rays along with x-rays and ultraviolet can damage DNA and destroy cells also known as ionazing. This 5G moved to EHF which is extra high frequency after decade of health research ICNRP the only substantial effect of RF EMF exposure relevant to human health and safety is heating of exposed tissue. RF EMF fields can penetrate into the body ( the higher the frequency the lower the penetration depth) and cause vibration of charged or popular molecules inside. This results in friction and thus heats. In fact, a bunch of research has been conducted on the relationship between RF EMF and health outcomes such as headache, concentration difficulties , sleep quality and cardiovascular effects etc…

Why do some people say 5G can cause cancer ?  for the fact there is no site exactly talk it can cause but relating with electromagnetic and high frequency, yes! However, the world health organization(WHO) together with the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified all radio frequency radiation (of which mobile signals are a part) as “possibly carcinogenic”.

It has been put in this category because “there is evidence that falls short of being conclusive that exposure may cause cancer in humans”.

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