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Technologies to fight against Covid-19

We all are facing different crises at once caused by a coronavirus . To fight against the virus many countries are inventing different kinds of technologies. The first victim county china going far by this technology, The government of China now knows where, which cities are visited by the citizens, Other by train or journey by subways, Even which film you watched at the cinema. Here you can see some technology that was invented to fight against COVID-19.

A phone that track your travels:This app details information where you travel with specific dates for the government.

Specific ID to use the subway or cinema: This requires commuters to register for city subways services. Only those declaring their identity on a phone app can take the train. The idea is to track whether people have traveled with someone suspected of being infected and to then monitor their close contacts.

Location pinpointed to a train seat: The state-owned China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) has also launched a platform called Close Contact Detector, which pulls in traffic, rail and flight information directly from the government. According to state media, the platform can accurately pinpoint a passenger’s location on a flight or a train to within three rows of a confirmed or suspected virus carrier.

Health code that restricts movements:   Apart from we are using applications for messaging such as WeChat and payment platforms have released color based QR to label how “safe” a person is. Using a composite of voluntarily surrendered personal data and city municipal data, a three-color code is generated: green for “safe”, yellow requiring a seven-day quarantine and red for a 14-day quarantine. The program appears to send a user’s location and identifying code number to a server connected to the police. This could allow the authorities to track people’s movements over time.

In General Mobile tracking/mass surveillance: The Chinese government is gathering people’s smartphone location data, body temperatures, travel history, and other details in a centralized database, in which the data is being analyzed using Big Data and Machine Learning.

Using this data, the government can find out the number of people with whom an infected person was in close contact and order them to self-isolate themselves. For instance, if in the past ten days, an infected person bought biscuits from a grocery store using WeChat money or AliPay, the cashier at the store who was in contact with him, will be ordered to quarantine himself.

Autonomous vehicles: These vehicles less the risk of people to people contact. It proved to be of great utility in delivering essential goods like medicines and food items. Apollo, which is Baidu’s autonomous vehicle platform, has joined hands with self-driving startup Neolix to deliver supplies and food to a big hospital in Beijing. Baidu Apollo has also made its micro-car kits and autonomous driving Cloud services available for free to companies fighting the virus.

Idriverplus, a Chinese self-driving company that operates electric street cleaning vehicles, is also a part of the mission. The company’s flagship vehicles are being used to disinfect hospitals. 

In addition, other countries contribute to fighting against covid_19 developing different kinds of applications. Such as

  1. COVID 19 app to give real-time updates about covid_19. Also, it’s an app that you can share your symptoms and case related to covid_19
  2. Bot MD is an AI assistant for Doctors. Bot MD to get instant answers to clinical questions on hospital-specific content such as call rosters, directory information, drug formularies, hospital protocols, and more.

Bot MD can also automatically transcribe your dictated notes.

  1. GERAK MALAYSIA supports the Government of Malaysia’s efforts to fight COVID-19 and to mitigate the spread of the virus through contact tracing.
  2. Dutch app COVID Rader This is an app of the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). All data is processed anonymously. The anonymized data is stored securely in the 

country. It collects data from Dutch people for scientific research into the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19).

  1. Vietnam Health Declaration: The app helps keep people safe and also provides relevant disease information.

 And much more…

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