The Four phase plan of Spain to lift lockdown restrictions

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced his government’s  “Plan for the Transition towards a new normality”following the Coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday 28 April. It is divided into four phases. ‘Each phase will last for a minimum of two weeks and the maximum duration we want to see is eight weeks for the whole of Spain,’ said Sánchez. ‘By the end of June, we as a country will have entered into the new normality if the epidemic remains under control.’ The duration picked due to it also being the amount of time between a person getting infected with COVID-19 and symptoms surfacing.

The government’s plan is that each phase of the de-escalation will last for two weeks – yet starting with Phase Zero from Monday 4 May that would last for a ‘minimum of one week’. Phase Zero has now already lasted two weeks for some areas, including the cities of Madrid and Barcelona

Phase One: It started on Monday 11 May for many regions and provinces. Small businesses will be allowed to reopen, while specific shopping hours will set out for those who are over 65 years old. Larger shopping centers will remain closed.

Phase two: This phase will start approximately at two-week intervals thereafter, depending on the progress of each region. The ‘new normality’ is expected from 25 June. Restaurant interiors will be permitted to carry out table service, while educational centers will also be able to open with exceptions. Cultural events will less than 50 people in enclosed areas and 400 in outside spaces will be allowed. Tips will be allowed to second residence only if they are in the same province. Weedings for a limited number of attendant will be allowed. 

Phase Three: This phase is more advanced and general mobility will be more flexible. The use of masks will continue to be recommended. Opening of bar, restaurant, beach, store, bullrings will be more flexible with 50% and two-meter distance with safety.

Phase Four: We all come to Normal life. It will be time to leave stress. This will start approximately June 22 But in those Spanish territories who passed the four criteria-Exam.

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